Odds are if you're reading this you know me personally. But on the off chance you don't...

My name is Selim Tlili. I'm a high school math and science teacher at a private school in NYC. I'm happily married and a proud father of two beautiful boys; Adam and Ryan.

I'm interested in stories that help people get closer to understanding the world and seeing the truth and beauty of the world. There is a "truth" out there that we can't exactly capture but we can approximately express through careful observation, thinking and debating. Stories that help us illuminate these truths are what drive me to continue my personal education and development.

I am sure that this blog will evolve as I get more comfortable with writing and figuring out what is most important for me to express. I will probably spend a lot of time writing book reviews but also essays that help me understand what I'm thinking more concretely.

Personal challenges will probably remain a big part of this blog also - bigger projects that I want to undertake and share. I've found I am much more likely to follow through with any long journey if I am able to share it with others.

My posts at this point are about my journey in more accurately understanding the world and sharing what I learn here. I'm mostly doing it as a way to express my understanding of the things I discover but on the off chance someone reads any of this and takes some value than all the better.