I've spent the last fifteen years struggling with weight loss. I have gained and lost over 300 pounds within that time.

I was having fun on the outside but not so much on the inside

Starting in 2017 I figured out what works well for me and I transformed from a peak of nearly 400 pounds down to 220 pounds.

Ultimately the successful weight loss comes down to a few essentials:

  • A diet that is low in processed carbohydrates
  • A diet that is high in saturated fat
  • A long term physical goal to help focus my energy and attention

I am offering my services as a weight loss and marathon/physical project coach.

I am not promising quick six pack abs or a beach ready body. But if you have a tremendous amount of weight to lose I can help you. I can help you because I have been there. With all respect to most trainers and weight loss people most of them have not had to lose over 100 pounds. And even fewer of them have felt the pain and frustration of achieving massive weight loss only to yo-yo and regain the weight.

Obesity had such a significant impact on my life and I want to do what I can to help people get through this challenge. I genuinely want to help people who are suffering with obesity. Money is not the primary motivator for offering this service.

So if you have a lot of weight to lose and you are willing to do the hard work of consistent dieting and training I am happy to help you out.

Fundamentally I am offering an accountability partner; someone who will check in with you and keep you motivated as you get frustrated and tired in the process of making long term life changes.

If this sounds appealing to you I am happy to talk. We can set up a long term weekly plan where we discuss your goals and progress towards those goals. I can keep you focused, talk you through the inevitable stumbles and help you get right back on your feet for your long term well being.

Ways to reach me