Sketching with my son Adam Ruben

Jan '22 - starting the year off with Captain Underpants!
Dec '21 - Elf on the shelf for Christmas!
Dec '21 - I think we drew Grogu once before but Adam wanted to draw him again. Nice job buddy!
Nov '21 - Adam's Yoshi looks kind of stoned
Oct '21 - this was the toughest one - he didn't like drawing Spidey but I'm glad he stuck it through
Oct '21 - He's never played Mario but I guess some characters are iconic
Sept '21 - I bet if I asked him he would tell me that this is his favorite sketch so far
August '21 - Adam's resisted drawing and so he finishes as quickly as he can - it shows.
Aug '21 - Not my favorite but I love doing this with Adam
July '21 - the 3D effect is tough for both of us
June '21 - I can follow directions but Adam really brings life to his art when he cares
May '21 - this is my favorite Adam drawing so far