Peanut Allergies and Literature: Posthumous Editing and How to Best Protect Children
Guest poster Selim Jamil asks what are the unintended consequences of trying to completely prevent kids from being exposed to potential harm?

An essay I published speculating on why Israeli children have 1/10th the rate of peanut allergies and my thoughts on how that difference might be due to how Israeli society chooses to handle perceived risk compared to how we handle perceived risk in the United States.

I’m a Gentile Teaching at an Orthodox Jewish School -
And this is what I’ve learned.

Essay I wrote reflecting on my first year working at a Jewish school and my thoughts on why the students don't seem to have the same challenges with worrying about speaking their mind that students at many other schools are currently facing.  Published June 2023

TEACHER VOICE: Calculus is a roadblock for too many students; let’s teach statistics instead
Students who struggle with abstract math are effectively barred from pursuing degrees that offer a potentially high starting salary, and that’s wrong

My essay outlining my thoughts on why math education is focused on the wrong skills and what would better serve our students and society.  Published May 2023

Obsession with College Has Eroded the Value of High School
High school in the United States has become hyper-focused on college prep rather than developing self-sufficient, work-ready adults.

My first professional essay!  Published with gratitude by the Heterodox Academy. In this essay I discuss my thoughts around how changes in college attendance over the decades have changed the mission of high school.  High School went from the last place for formal education for most Americans to a stepping stone for "real education".  That cultural shift has changed what is taught in high school and how people value what they learn there.   Published April 2023.

Teaching Stripped Down to Its Essence -  Research Bulletin for Waldorf Studies.  Fall 2020

My first published essay! Sharing ideas about teaching during the first couple of months of Covid when we were 100% online.  This is where I really discovered the joy of writing; the idea that you could start writing about one thing and then the story "wants" to go in another direction was simply fascinating to me.  The idea that we can steer the ship but that we can't really control the final destination is fascinating and makes me see why people love writing despite how awful it is while you are doing it.