It is very interesting to observe the process of writing that first shitty draft.  It is pure shit of course but I can feel how much easier the shit is flowing out of me.  Its like at first I was constipated.  Being constipated is a bad feeling; you have something you need to get out of you but it takes a tremendous amount of force to overcome the blockage.  

Now I feel like I am moving from the constipation stage to the diarrhea stage.  It is all still shit and it doesn't feel good but it is flowing out much easier.  It still is flowing out in spurts and it makes me feel awful to know that I have such terrible waste inside of me but it is very satisfying to see just how much easier it flows.

500 words seems like it is no longer a stumbling block for me.  It is still hard to get myself to start the writing but I don't resist it the whole time.  1000 words is still a challenge.  I don't know how long it will be a challenge.  My guess is that it can be like the 135 pounds on the bench press - I can do more but I will rarely feel like pushing myself much past that.  Which is a pity because you can get so much stronger if you keep adding just a little more to the plate.  

I will add at least 100 words to my word count by the first week of may.  I will bring my laptop with me to Kimberton and hope that I can sneak some time to write at the end of the night.  But after that I will push myself to 1500 words a night in may... Maybe I will try and do 1500 words a night in May and if I fail at that I will drop it down to 1100 words a night and keep trying to up the ante.  

I think 1500 words a day is the only way I am going to get close to having a complete shitty first draft by the time I turn 44 in 8 weeks.  56 days means a minimum of 56,000 words added to the 21,000 I currently have.  But if I can do 1500 a day in May then I can get 45,000 words in that month.  Long story short I could get up to 109,000 if I succeed at writing every day and stepping up my word count each month.  That seems unlikely but it is a good thing to shoot for.  

Next blog post will be about the ball typewriter and how the medium of communication changes us.  I really want to spend time exploring this idea.